Example of The One Twist

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"The One Twist opens up a new way of doing things, a new market. Or your twist completely exits one industry, helps the world exit one industry, and becomes a new industry. We'll give you examples...

#Uber introduced their stuff, They helped people exit the taxicab industry with one twist. What was it? Oh, you can see your car coming and you know when it's going to get to you. You can order a car on your phone and see when it's coming.

#Airbnb. You can exit having a deal with the expensive, difficult hotel industry and just get a cheap, interesting, one-night or two-night place and you could see it and book it online. You could exit the hotel.

#Bitcoin, you could exit fiat and do things free of governmental controls.

So... Let's see.

#Dell Computers I think is really easy to understand example here.

So the one twist that Dell had, because, in those days, computers were not fancy, right? They just had a screen, a microprocessor, a fan, a power supply, and a keyboard, no mouse. And so, the only twist that Dell Computer had was that it was a PC just big enough to run a business. Eight megahertz, 10-megabit hard drive, one 5.25... That's it, he's just like what is the absolute minimum that a business would need to have a computer? Everything else, I mean, he literally ran out of his dorm room, everything else was exactly the same. It's just the positioning of it.

So these are some other ones:

#WeWork. The thing that let them explode, whether they succeeded or not is just this one word: green, that was the only twist they had.

Everything else was exactly the same as everything else that was out there. They're like we're a green co-working space. You have to look back to these stories of when they started, not what they are now.

Where they got money and where they got success is we're a co-working space, which already existed, but we're green. And that makes like these tech workers want to work with us."

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